Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga

Working on a brochure for Incredible India gave me a high as a writer, creative person as well as the key contact managing this project. The copy, regarded by the client at SNTTA as sheer poetry, was a compliment that I would cherish forever.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga

India Like Never Before

Exploring India is like unfolding chapters of a magnum opus. Where a story resides in every turn – just like the landscape, cultures and languages that seamlessly blend into the way of life of this vibrant country.

Only in India can you discover calm amidst the sea of humanity and celebrations in blissful solitude. This paradox is what excites travellers – seeing two Indias existing seamlessly while offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

Take a trip of a lifetime of a country that cannot be explored in a lifetime.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga


Made to Measure.

Exploring the northern parts of India is like unearthing a treasure trove of legends. Called the Golden Triangle by clubbing Delhi, Agra & Jaipur; these ancient cities have a landmark on every turn. The weight of history might overwhelm visitors who come from all around the world to witness the grand monuments. Yet there is a sense of calm. For absolute serenity, travel down to the southern parts of India. Kerala backwaters offer respite to the weary travellers while plugging in a beautiful sight in each frame. Discover the pristine beauty while gliding through the serpentine rivers and canals.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga


Past. Perfect.

Time travel is very much a reality. Just check-in at a royal Indian palace and witness the magic unfold before you. Ornate walls tell tales of hidden riches while glittering chandeliers throw light on unsung sagas. The paintings speak of an era of legends, dripping in vivid colours of love while antique furniture reveals the lavish indulgence of royalty. Just as you cosy up to the bygone era, the gentle voice of a man with a twirling moustache, eager to pamper you, brings you back to the present.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga


Gasps Guaranteed.

Travelling the length & breadth of India is like travelling through different countries, such is the diversity in topography, culture and language. While the mighty Himalayas offer breathtaking vistas and cooler climes, the wildlife sanctuaries across the country showcase the vast variety of animals. Forts scattered around the country give a timeline of its history and a glimpse into its glorious past. And all this while, festivities keep the calendar full and bring out the true colors of celebrations. It’s no wonder that there are no dull moments in India!

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga


Discover. You.

How often do you hear the murmurs of birds, gurgling of a river or the whizz of the breeze? Revel in the golden silence as you re-discover your inner self with a host of spa treatments. Let the goodness of ancient Ayurvedic secrets seep into the core of your being and transform you from within. Experience a luxury that’s truly unique. Relish the appetizing food made from the local, fresh produce. Forget the buzz of urban dwellings, the checklists and the world beyond. Go, find yourself.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga


Wheels of Discovery

If time is the greatest luxury you could gift yourself, then a train journey is the most opulent of experiences. And there’s no better way to spend your precious days than in the regal coaches of luxury Indian trains – where extravagance meets the extraordinary. Sit back and savour old world grandeur punctuated by impeccable service; as the breathtaking landscapes that you pass-by become mere backdrops to the more dramatic interiors. After all, it’s not about travelling from one point to another, but discovering a world in between.

Incredible India Brochure Sahil Banga