Copywriting is such a dreamy job. When I get down to write, I start imagining. What each word expresses. Where it fits in. What am I communicating. How would it be perceived by a layman. What effect would it have. How would it stir the person reading it.

But the best thing is, I lose myself in a world unknown. I’m not the person envisioned. I’m not even passive. But it’s my vision. My setting. My world. And someone else is positioned there. That too in the most surreal way. I’m pampering a stranger. In my dream world, I’m asking a stranger to believe in that world. I want him to dream. Envision. Just the way I have. Not an easy task. Yet, it’s there, in my mind, very much possible, very much real. All you have to do is believe in my dreams.

Copywriting is different from my day-dreaming. I’m not thinking of myself, or how my world can be made better or extravagant. I’m thinking of a different realm. A new world. Worlds within a world. But never fairytale-ish. Here, there is a possibility of gratification.

I start thinking of never-seen meadows, tables by the beach, al-fresco by the woods, sonata under the stars, a cosy red corner with an e-book, terrace dinner with jazz, a much-desired woman as partner, etc. This is me. And I’m asking a stranger to be me. Be part of my world.

But to be honest, yes, I love it. Thinking of new possibilities. Creating new settings. Crafting new stories. Making mundane extraordinaire! What a kick.