There is a bird called creativity. It flies from one brain to another, in a state of stupor, often as a helluva sperm of an idea, triggering a smile, sometimes awe, sometimes fright. It changes forms in its many perceptions, nestling in different cerebral regions (usually on the right). So we can say, the avialan is sometimes a falcon, a flamingo, a dove, a peacock, or even a dinosaur (that clumsy nonavain one called theropod).

What’s incredible about this imaginary bird thing is, that it’s shaped up cerebrally, then orally, then on paper, then on computer. Then it’s passed from desk to desk, disk to disk. From a weird guy who thought of it, to the suited guy who sells it, to the wealthy guy who buys it; there is a transition of intangible to tangible, all in a day’s work!