On every trip, hotel plays an important role. It is the place where you unwind after a long day of sight-seeing. It is the place where you feel the calm after a day full of chaos and lines and touristy fatigue. It is the place where you catch the remote feeling of home. The stylish Telegraph Suites is the perfect place to find your breath and composure amidst Rome’s tourist attractions. The extra large suites offer a lot of space, something that is essential after roaming around congested streets. The bedroom is classy with arcs in the walls & ceiling making for a unique symmetry in the architecture. The shades of black, grey & white give a 60s character to the place, taking the flair many notches up. In fact it is this distinct design that differentiates The Telegraph Suites from other hotels. At least this hotel has a character. It has a concept. It has a decor sense.

The bedroom is extra large with chairs and sofas dotting the corners. A large window opens up to the cobbled street underneath, though there isn’t a view but just the building opposite. The large poster on the wall is a very beautiful 60s kind of picture, something you’d want to stare at. The lighting is romantic. The wallpaper swish.

Living room is a luxury replete with a big LCD, small dining table, a unique lamp, wardrobe with a safe box, wooden ceiling, elegant sofas and a coffee table with few books. I had taken my hard disk, played a movie on their LCD amid the soft lighting and the ambience was 20151202_154521magical.

The en-suite kitchen is spacious, complete with utensils and kitchenware, the basic things you’d require should you feel like cooking. In our case, we did buy some basic ingredients to cook pasta here and relaxed thereafter. Their fridge has few essentials too. For me, the star of the kitchen was their espresso machine, a welcome relief from the water heater hotels keep with all-mix coffee sachets. They even kept premium coffee pods for a great coffee experience.

The bathroom is large, and there are cabinets as well to store your stuff. But the toiletries don’t mirror this boutique hotel’s plush status, I would recommend travellers to carry theirs.

The chic hotel is a refurbished old building which has the vintage charm peppered with generous contemporary touches. Their staff is very helpful and sweet. I quite like this hotel group (The Mag Hotels Group) which has their hotels & theme on the name of popular newspapers, and the decor takes cues from there. The hotel’s proximity to all the attractions within walking distance makes it an ideal choice. Trevi fountains and the shopping district of Via del Corso and Via Condotti were all within 10-15 minutes of walk. Thus the eating out options are also plenty in the neighbourhood. Even the walk to Coliseum isn’t a tiring one from here, in fact it’s the most scenic with all landmarks en route.