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Photostory: A Prayer

The only refuge for her was praying to the Almighty. She knew if nothing would work, at least her prayers would. Someone will answer her prayers someday. There must be a guiding light, a voice that will tell her that what she’s seeking is just around the corner. That hardship is over, happiness & contentment will be a way of life.

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Metcalfe House Delhi Sahil Banga
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Photostory: Metcalfe House

Thomas Metcalfe, a civil servant, renovated this tomb to be his summer retreat in 1830, known as Dilkhusha. A couple of gardens, water bodies, pavilions and terraces etc. were created to elevate the ambience of this place. It was strategically built to keep an eye on Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

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