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Katra Sattvik Food

To understand the food of Katra, one must understand the concept of Sattvik. We all know that Sattvik is pure vegetarian food, just as is Vaishnav food. But there is more to Sattvik than just the pleasant sounding name. It stems from Ayurdeva

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Croque Madame

This week’s exploit was Croque Madame. A French Ham Sandwich essentially, popularly known as Croque Monsieur, but when you add in a fried egg, it becomes Croque Madame. While the sound of it may seem easy to cook, after all what’s the big deal in a ham sandwich, but then, it’s French. Nothing is as easy as it sounds, not even the names!

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Gourmet Salts Sahilosophy
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Gourmet Salts

Svaneti Salt has travelled far & wide, though it can also be made at home. The texture of the salt is coarse, while it isn’t as dry as spices are, with garlic adding a bit of moisture.

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Recipe: Chicken Tabahi

Presenting: Chicken Tabahi, a name coined by me.

Tabahi is a colloquial term that literally means disaster, but in regular lingo is an expression of OMG or wow (denoting something extreme).

I named it Tabahi simply for its spice quotient.

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