Quick Omelet Recipe by Sahil Banga

On a lazy weekend, even if you have all the time in the world to cook yourself a hearty breakfast, sometimes the will to get up and don the apron seems like a daunting task. Food delivery is on your mind to escape the chopping, cooking and serving. However, a pang of guilt lingers on your mind about the veggies you’ve stocked your refrigerator with, the recipes you’ve hoarded all the week, and the fact that the day you have the time to cook, you are still ordering.

I have a quick omelet recipe which is almost as easy as making a fried egg. This is one of those quick recipe videos on Tiktok and Facebook. The only effort that goes into this recipe is whisking the eggs.

Simple 4 steps

Whisk two eggs in a bowl, add seasoning of choice (I prefer Cajun spice mix and Svaneti salt).

Transfer to an oiled pan (you may add butter instead of oil for added flavors).

Place 2 bread slices on the omelet with a cheese slice on one of the bread slices.

Fold it and transfer it to a plate.

You can add veggies if you have time, will, and intent.

Watch the recipe video by clicking here.