This Press Release written by me for Iris Dubai was published on 1st November in Khaleej Times, UAE’s longest running English daily newspaper.


Why is Iris much more than a sustainable brand

The youth of today is growing more conscious towards the environmental hazards that have been caused by different industries. Iris is a solution to the malpractices of fashion industries caused by a surplus of fabric lying in the landfills that eventually causes natural disasters. It focuses on closed-loop production based on the principles of circular economy.
Mohammad Sani Ali and Ismail Dajani, seniors at The American School of Dubai, have created ripples in the fashion industry with their eco-friendly men’s fashion brand Iris, which was launched earlier this year. The sustainable concept uses surplus materials to upcycle fabrics while maintaining a unique style.
With two collections of shirts and trunk shows sold successfully, the duo is launching their eagerly awaited third collection. But their ambition holds no limit, much like their appetite for social entrepreneurship. They are inspired by the environment, situation, and movement around them.
Always aiming to fill a void, their focus has now shifted to designing and producing face masks. Wearing a mask is the new normal. The youth wish to reflect their individuality and creative expressions through the masks they wear, which has now become a fashion accessory. Sani Ali understands this demand extremely well.

At the core of mask production is the use of cutting-edge fabric like Cupro. Cupro is an eco-friendly fabric made of regenerated cellulose fibers that come from recycled cotton. The two-ply masks are durable, breathable, comfortable which makes them perfect for everyday protection. The funky collection of face masks is much more than utility and style. “This foray into masks complements our brand sensibilities as we continue to expand and innovate in the realm of upcycled fashion,” says Sani.
Iris as a brand may be young, but it has grown significantly and matured well to adapt and cater to changing trends and current requirements, owing to the vision, passion and determination of the team. It comes as no surprise that Iris has been invited to be on the panel of the Green MENA Network. They have been actively participating in interactive workshops with a number of green entrepreneurs and activists to find better ways to create a more social and sustainable ecosystem in the MENA region. They are shooting for the stars, one mask at a time.