This Press Release was published in April 2021. Here’s the link:

With Instagrammable outlets across California and Dubai, CALI-POKE is all set to dish out its popular Poke Bowls at Atlantis Aquaventure, one of the largest waterparks in the world. The California Seafood House will be a good fit serving their Hawaiian classics with Californian twists to adventure seekers at the amusement park. While adventure seekers have record-breaking slides to revel in, CALI-POKE will have its extensive menu to whet their appetite. The rides will have your pulse racing and the food will have your taste-buds tingling.

Voted Region’s No. 1 Water Park in Dubai on TripAdvisor, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis – Palm Jumeriah, is much more than a thrilling waterpark.  Boasting of over 30 record-braking slides and attractions, 500 metres of private beach to lounge and a food arena that caters to every taste-bud, even a day’s visit is insufficient to explore the park. If that wasn’t all, Aquaventure has ballooned onto further expansion adding a 112ft tower called Trident Tower with 12 new water slides. Headlining the slides would be Mammoth Blast and Pipeline Blast. Expect to defy gravity at stomach-churning speeds.

Such kind of adventure, exhilaration and frenzy deserves a feast to celebrate. For every Leap of Faith, there’s a Waikiki Bowl to revel in. For every Poseidon’s Revenge, there’s a True Hawaiian bowl to devour. For every Zoomerango, there’s a Hollywood Bowl to indulge in. For every Lazy River, there’s a Cali Vegan Bowl to savour. The vast menu at CALI-POKE complements the number of rides at Aquaventure.

With heart-pounding rides to heart-warming poke bowls, the experience at Aquaventure is going to be one incredible ride with CALI-POKE.


After opening four successful USA restaurants, CALI-POKE set its sights overseas and launched three restaurants in Dubai, UAE. With Cali vibes and Japanese/Peruvian dressings, CALI-POKE Executive Chefs brought over California’s affinity for western food and created the Poke Taco. Deliveroo in its 2020 Top Food Trends cataloged CALI-POKE as the Health-Conscious choice, labelling their small Poke Bowl to the list of most-popular dishes.