A Prayer

The only refuge for her was praying to the Almighty. She knew if nothing would work, at least her prayers would. Someone will answer her prayers someday. There must be a guiding light, a voice that will tell her that what she’s seeking is just around the corner. That hardship is over, happiness & contentment will be a way of life.

She had been praying for the longest time, ever since she was a little girl who was raised by the community, working day & night to sustain herself. Now old and fragile, her dreams have become hope. To start a shelter for the homeless. Who have no place to go, no one to call their own. She never had a family, but she wants to have a large one now. A brother too many, sisters she never had, children she could raise, old people she could support. A family that fought loneliness with togetherness. A family that overlooked the imperfections and filled in for the flaws. A family of strangers coming together to make a family.