This was written around 2008, just found it in my archives. There are too many unpublished articles that I thought I will elaborate/expand more, and left them in an old folder never to be opened again.

Just leave work for a day. Leave the busy schedules and constant calls, and join me in the escape. Onto a world unknown. We will reach there sweetheart, don’t worry about the GPS or internet or travel books. The car will find a way. Smelling the air. Catching the sunset. Reaching for the descending clouds. We will walk along the paddy fields en route. We will clasp the hand tight. We will laugh away our sorrows and differences.

A desolated hut in an isolated strip shall be waiting for our laughter. A night will be waiting to glisten with stars and a crescent moon. Come sweetheart, leave your work behind, for the night and the hut wouldn’t wait forever.

We will wake up in the rain. We will wake up cuddled and feeling loved. We will wake up fresh and warm! We will wake up with love renewed, heart lighter and smiles refreshed. We will play with fingers. We will caress hair. We will steal kisses again and again.

Leave your work behind and escape with me sweetheart. Come, let’s act crazy again. Let’s do the silly things. Let’s invite the puppy love back into our life. Let’s do whatever we discussed dreamy eyed. Let’s dream again, come sweetheart. Let’s live the dreams.