A Christmas post:

Christmas Markets are widely popular across Europe, some of them being ancient, while some of them have ancient backdrops. While the vibe is festive, family oriented and cheerful, I loved the Christmas Market at Leopold Museum, Museumsquartier (MQ) in Vienna. It’s more arty since it stands at a place where many buildings are dedicated to art. It’s youthful because there are more students than art collectors (or maybe art collectors were young as well).

Since there are so many students, they have many makeshift bars created, replete with colorful lights and music. The buildings are peppered with laser lights while the courtyard is also littered with the same dancing lights. As I entered the complex, I was a bit confused, as the youthful energy at a heritage site was contradictory, yet it gelled so well! The bright lights of the bar & young crowd grooving to the tunes still complemented the calm of the place. A must in every traveller’s itinerary should be the MQ Winter Market.