Who am I to review Calicut Paragon? I must be out of mind if I did. After all, it’s an institution of sorts, a cultural heritage, a behemoth of 7 flavourful decades still going strong.
Who am I to tell what I ate there, as it’s been graced by celebrities & dignitaries and the who’s who.  There are countless stories of connoisseurs and humble hungry men alike, enough fodder to testify the restaurant’s sublime status and justify the numerous awards it has been winning.
Why would I, a mere mortal, give a me-too account of my culinary experiences when most of you might have already known every dish there, some even swearing by their favourites.
What new words & adjectives could I ‘bring to the table’ to define the mango curry pomfret, tawa grilled fish, masala prawns, pandanas chicken ensconced in pandan leaves, noon thaali, mutton pepper masala, aleppey chicken curry, mutton biryani and elaneer payasam?

I wouldn’t dare! I’d rather go there sampling their food to my heart’s content, taking along as many friends as I can (bigger table means more dishes).