As a digital & social marketer, you would have a suite of third-party apps for Instagram – for scheduling, Stories frames, grid templates, images & video editing, hashtag suggestions, and many many more! Though all are essential, we still struggle with transferring data to mobile for posting stories (though there is a paid App called Later). Or if I have to publish or schedule on Instagram feed, I usually go to Creator Studio by Facebook. Here’s a shortcut from Desktop, without going to any third-party websites or app to do so (for instant publishing of Feed, IGTV or Story). It’s a legit hack, making a mobile version on your desktop. And you don’t need any codes!

I am using Firefox as an example for now, but it’s possible on all browsers. Follow the simple steps below and you’d be saving time enabling publishing from Desktop itself.

Step 1: Open Incognito Mode (it’s called Private Window in other browser). You can open in normal window also, make sure Instagram or Facebook is not open in any of the tabs.
Step 2: Open Menu Icon (three bars) on top right and Click on Web Console
Step 3: Click on mobile icon (right side on the bottom band)
Step 4: A mobile responsive screen will open, choose any screen resolution or leave it as is.
Step 5: Enter URL – Instagram and login.
Step 6: You can view the + sign on Story and Feed, click there and it will open your system folder to upload file.

That’s it. It’s simple and efficient.