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Why do an Egyptian restaurant need to sell Pizza? To attract a wider customer base maybe? Then they ought to have a darn good pizza! I bought a Groupon (or was it Cobone?) of Geddy that had a large pizza, a traditional dessert and 2 soft drinks, all at AED 19. Seemed like a good deal. After procrastinating till the day the coupon was supposed to expire, finally I went there with wifey and a friend.

Wouldn’t waste much time here about the experience since it wasn’t a good one. The ambience was pretty confusing, they had cartoon characters all around, as if it was a place for kids and teenagers. It seemed like a fast food joint rather than a diner. There wasn’t anything Egyptian than the people who came to have food here. Yes, it was considerably populated, so might be good.

The menu is very limited. We ordered Koshari and Custard Fetter. Now, I may not be the best judge here but the bland taste of Koshari neither didn’t excite me, nor my wife and friend. Pizza was very much homely, nothing great about it. In fact couldn’t eat more than a piece! Feteer was still good, though couldn’t see any trace of custard.

I think Hadoota Masreya is far better in its flavors and food options where Egyptian cuisne is concerned. Had it not been for Hadoota Masreya, I would have become judgmental about Geddy and excused away myself from Egyptian cuisine.