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Indians have been spoilt for choice with their own concoctions of international fare. Most popular being the Indo-Chinese cuisine, fondly known as Desi Chinese, even Chin-jabi (Chinese Punjabi). Essentially the Chinese food is given a makeover with a healthy dose of vinegar, soy sauce, green chillies and browned to death! An average Indian might not even know of Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan cuisine, might have heard of Sichuan, but that’s about it. What every Indian knows though is momos (Dim Sums), Chilli Chicken, Chicken Manchurian and Fried Rice. Every corner of all cities, big or small, does have a small joint frying, tossing and steaming these delights. Delhi has those dilapidated vans which are turned into Chinese eateries outside parks or at empty plots, manned mostly by Nepalese and Tibetans. Every Delhi-ite worth his vinegar would have at least spent a significant amount of his lifetime seen slurping soups or forking the noodles here and asking for the thick red chilli sauce.

I have been going to authentic diners ones and these Desi stalls/carts/vans/kiosks, but the Indian in me does sometimes crave for the desi variety. After coming to Dubai, the only respite I got was Eat & Drink in Al Safa-1. Their Veg Manchurian is out of this world, the dumpling so soft that they break on touching, the gravy oh-so-flavorsome. Though I rarely order veg, but when I do, Eat & Drink’s Veg Manchurian is the top of the mind recall. Else, the Chicken Manchurian is equally good, same gravy but with the goodoness of cubed chicken. The Eggs Fried Rice is full of veggies and scrambled eggs. Pour in a little chilli & garlic sauce and your day is made. You are ready to conquer the world!