This video was made during World Cup 2015, especially for the India-Pakistan match, the biggest match of the ICC World Cup. We were brainstorming on the thought when I went silent. When an idea comes to my mind, I become oblivious to the crowd or the chatter and start penning my thoughts, as if I am sitting alone.

The idea of this script was that even though there are tensions between the two countries, for the general public there isn’t such hatred. It doesn’t matter to us what the politicians say. We all live & work together here in Dubai, and there has never been any animosity or awkwardness. But when it comes to cricket, we can become really excited & aggressive and winning is a matter of pride. That’s the over-arching thought here – that we are arch-enemies only on field (said in a poetic way, not literally enemies).

This video is created with our team members at Praxis Advertising, each having one line to narrate with a related prop & action.

Dushmani to hai, magar sirf Field pe.

Sarhad pe ghuspaith hai, magar sirf Ball ki.

Army to bahut hai, lekin sirf Spectators ki.

Ungliya to khoob uthengi, magar sirf Umpire ki.

Jawab to ekdum karare milenge, par sirf Bat se.

Dushmani to hai, magar sirf Field pe.

India vs Pakistan

15th Feb 2015

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Ind vs Pakistan World Cup 2015