Breakfast on a weekend. That’s my favourite day, favourite meal. After a long sleep that compensates for the whole week, the mind is fresh, happy and looking forward to idle the day. No rush, no pressures, no deadlines. Thus the breakfast also becomes a ritual for me, a slow cooked, well thought out meal. But then, there are days when I just want something quick to eat, without spending an eternity in the kitchen. For those days, I keep few things handy in my fridge and kitchen cabinets.

My meal should not be compromised by hunger pangs.

Here’s a yum recipe for a quick desi burger. We all love desi burgers, don’t we? Because their taste doesn’t depend on the quality and cut of the meat, or the right temperatures to grill the patty. In fact, the meat isn’t the hero here. It’s the ingredients, especially the desi chutneys.

All that matters is the availability in your fridge and a bit of creativity.

The starting point is the burger patty. You may buy frozen chicken patties from supermarkets, but I strongly suggest the Chapli Kebab of a brand called Menu. So far, I’ve found this gem only at Union Co-op (at least in Aweer branch, if not elsewhere).  It’s the only frozen food brand that I’ve loved so far, otherwise I detest the kebabs and tikkas of other frozen food brands. The Chapli Kebab, for the uninitiated, packs a punch with spices, chillies, onions, etc. Far better than the bland chicken patty.

Next most important ingredient is the chutney. I once stumbled upon Raji’s range of chutneys, and after trying most of them, have made their Desi Chutney a must-keep-at-all-times. It could have been any other green chutney, but the addition of tangy mango pickle makes this chutney attain awesomeness on a different league. It’s available now at most of the supermarkets (Carrefour, Al Adil, Union, etc.)

Rest of the things are basic – burger buns (even bread slices will do), Heinz Garlic Mayo, cheese slices, eggs, onions.

So here’s how it’s cooked in 10 minutes:

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Heat the pan and slide the Frozen Chapli Kebab (no need to thaw). Just pour 2-3 tbsp of oil. While the kebab is frying, chop the onions into rings (easiest to do, so don’t bypass this step!).

Throw the onions into the pan and keep tossing the Chapli Kebab to cook from both sides.

While it’s frying, slice the bun from centre, splash Heinz Garlic Mayo on the bottom part, Raji Desi Chutney on the top bun. Take off the kebab after 7-8 minutes of frying. On that same pan and leftover oil, cut open an egg for a quick fry. Place the kebab on the bun, add onions, then a slice of cheese. Then place the fried egg on top. And that’s about it. Without much effort or time, you get to have a yum desi burger.

I know I know, this burger is very carb-heavy, decadent and even detrimental. But don’t we eat enough detrimental stuff outside? So why not indulge at home sometimes and enjoy the great taste!