Fridays are meant for waking up late, lazing around, reading or just aimless browsing. But Fridays are also about some serious breakfast. And I try to cook something different every week. Because that’s the only time I cook. Lazy me.

This week’s exploit was Croque Madame. A French Ham Sandwich essentially, popularly known as Croque Monsieur, but when you add in a fried egg, it becomes Croque Madame. While the sound of it may seem easy to cook, after all what’s the big deal in a ham sandwich, but then, it’s French. Nothing is as easy as it sounds, not even the names! Anyway, not too difficult as well, just that you need to have certain stuff with you, or you can just do your own way as I did with whatever I had.

What you need:

Country-Style Bread (but sliced bread is also okay, nobody will judge you)
Dijon Mustard
Cheese Slices
Bechamel Sauce (Could be made at home, or bought from store, or you can replace it with something else like Thousand Island)
Mozzarella Cheese (or you can choose to top up the sandwich with any other cheese of your choice)

What you need to do:

1. Grill the bread, I melted butter in a big pan and pressed & tossed on it until crisp.
2. Take off the bread, spread dijon mustard, place a cheese slice, then place ham, and again place cheese and ham (4 layers). Sprinkle dried herbs.
3. Assemble the sandwich, pour some Bechamel sauce or Thousand Island on top, sprinkle mozzarella liberally.
4. Put the sandwich in an oven and bake for 10 minutes.
5. Meanwhile, fry 2 eggs separately. 
5. Take out the sandwich, slide the eggs on top, go to a well lit area, post on Instagram, then savor the Croque Madame.

Note: This is a quick recipe, for making the sandwich without any hassles. Making more efforts in cooking Bachamel sauce will bring out the beauty of this sandwich.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Croque Madame