The noun and definitive article were stuck when verb came for the rescue. They pulled it off quite well, until they ran out of breath. Full stop hurled a red flag to their odyssey. They started again, with preposition and ampersand as their new ally. Along came adjective to exaggerate each noun. But the smirk on the noun’s face sent the verb into intense jealousy. It could have catapulted into resentment had comma not intervened. It brought a temporary pause whenever things started heating up. The syntax went fine until double inverted commas created a ruckus. They brought along third-party intrusion. The grammar family was not yet ready for this when ellipsis came vacationing, leaving arguments open-ended. Now there wasn’t a conclusion. Question mark tried to bring some sense into the matter by probing further, and everyone tried to look for solutions. Suddenly exclamation mark came with a solution and eureka moment descended! The mood was elated. 

The strict linguistics then was caressed by joyful, young fingers. Words were shortened to squeeze more characters in a framework that allowed limited gossip. Expressions were created out of hyphens and brackets and colons. Words were further tweaked to change the dimensions of understanding. With a spring in the typing fingers, opinions were formed, abbreviations were given a new guidebook, perceptions were exchanged, creativity was hyped and conversations was flowing without a care in the grammar world. 

Maybe we need an altogether new language with a strict decorum to substitute the bastardization of other languages.