Image by Sahil Banga

As the last ray of sun melts into the horizon, the sky changes colors like a chameleon. The clouds do try to bounce off a kaleidoscopic luminescence with joyous oranges, yellows and reds, but the light is short-lived.

Twilight brings patches of purple along the horizon to keep the mood festive, yet it gets sombre. A speck of indigo is the last hope before dark takes over. Birdsong and sea breeze keep up the spirit and hope alive of what is to come, ringing in valiant shadows and salty interludes. The ebony ink spills over the sky, with a faint coppery tinge of the unfinished moon marked by silvery shadows of clouds alongside. These specks of hues are trying their best to exude excitement, but the prisoners of solitary confinement know, there is no hope in the solitude of night. It’s a forlorn story, an everyday saga.