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If Chicken Curry is your thing, then look no further than Ahbab Restaurant. It’s a small, very small eatery in Al Quoz (Near bowling centre) where you wouldn’t even want to dine at. But ambience isn’t their pride factor, but Chicken Curry is. The tangy burst of flavor hits you strongly on the first bite. The peppery aftertaste keeps you delighted after the curry has gone down the foodpipe! The smooth gravy is an added plus. Go for a take-away or order from home.

Oh, the price. That’s the main USP of this place. AED 7. Yes, you read it right, no need to put on your glasses. 2 big pieces of chicken in a very decent curry, there isn’t anything you could ask for more. Okay, you can thank me later. And another “Oh” to their credit, the chapattis are great too!

Call on

04 3387681 for directions and orders.