When the ambience of an eatery transports you to a different world, then the food is merely a formality for the senses to be heightened. It’s the feel of the place that warms the cockles of your heart, not just the food! If this sounds exaggerated, go try Bystro, the European Café & Pastry Shop in Al Safa, and let your eyes feast on the interiors. Tastefully done, each corner of this large eatery has a story to tell, every wall with illustrations warrants a long stare, heck, even the wooden ceiling looks nice. I really loved the bulbs that were unique and hung low. A specific corner had illustrations of coffee mug repeated many times, great for conversations with friends over coffee & pastries. Talking about coffee, they cannot go wrong with that, since the beans are sourced from the roastery of RAW Coffee Company, which is organic, fair trade Arabica. My cappuccino was indeed a well-balanced delight.
The menu isn’t vast, which helped me a lot in deciding for my food, else I get all confused and end up ordering more items than required. Saloni was quite kicked about this place, and had their Granola breakfast on her mind which was the sole reason why we chose Bystro! It was good as expected, though the amount of granola should have been more to offset the compote. Nevertheless, the ingredients were fresh and yum. Every bite had notes of freshness oozing onto the palate.
The Eggs Benedict was well-made, eggs just perfectly cooked, cheese just the right amount, sitting on the base of smoked Turkey ham. The communion of the yolk and melted cheese was divine, a rich creamy treat that plays havoc on the tongue, bursting its own flavor. The only grievance I had was the lack of seasoning on it. Dried herbs do eliminate the blandness of Eggs Benedict, which was lacking here. But then, no complaints, as it was cooked really well.
But the main star of their menu is the humble hummus that gets a makeover with beetroot. A zesty surprise that packs in a lot of punch, tastes unique. It didn’t feel like I was having hummus. And it looks vibrant on the plate! The focaccia it comes along with is another delightful surprise since it’s herbed. Which essentially means that every bite would be rife with flavors. Flavors that would take your tastebuds to cloud 7 ultimately.
 Bystro warrants a comeback over a breakfast. The ambience has the charm to bring you back, while the food has the intensity to evoke the ‘Thou-shalt-indulge-in-gluttony’ feeling. It’s not the place to grab a quick bite…just sink in and cherish the heaven.
Need more reasons? They accept Snapp Card!