Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil Banga

Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil Banga

Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil BangaAs we walked along the Al Seef creek, the water splashing on the walls created a symphony sweetest to the ears. The sea breeze added to the music, while rustling of leaves accentuated that moment. The salty breeze had lent a savory taste in the mouth, which was already salivating after watching so many restaurants on the way to Silver Beach Cafe. The Al Seef marina is a beautiful neighborhood created by Meraas, and the structures created to house the restaurants add to the beauty of the place. From the exterior, Silver Beach Cafe is an imposing building that extends to 2 floors while equally demarcated in 6 boxes as an architectural design.

While the facade is impressing, once you step in, it’s a beautifully lit-up world. The decor is subtle yet premium, with subdued colors all around. Certain accents in bright colors and design textures break the monotony. The seating is large, with almost all tables meant for big families or groups. There is outside seating area as well which should be ideal to sit around in winters, otherwise choose the chairs next to the high floor-to-ceiling glass that offers a beautiful view of the marina without compromising on the temperature. The first floor is a bar which is the real beauty. There are two halls, the one with the marina view is immensely delightful. It’s a glass box with very low lighting and a cozy feel. The large chandelier radiates enough light to elevate the senses.Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil Banga

The staff is quick to welcome and seat you, and happy to suggest the menu items. The food takes a while to come, maybe they want you to linger for long and take in the views. Or they understand that large families and big groups might want to spend extra time, thus the large seating.

Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil BangaEverything is rosy and dreamy until the food arrives. That’s when the senses go for a real spike. The mood suddenly becomes ecstatic. The food here wins your heart, and that is the true testament of any restaurant. I hadn’t expected too much from their menu since I have not been to any of their restaurants in Mumbai which I’ve heard are great and quite famed.

Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil BangaStarting with Spanish Prawn Al Ajilio, my tastebuds went for a toss. Even though it was a simple dish dipped in olive oil, herbs, garlic, saffron and chilly, it offered more than it promised! 6 of them presented on white porcelain soup spoons. Quite a spoonful, I must say.

For the mains, we ordered Line Caught Sea Bass. This is again surprised me with the flavors packing a punch. The sea bass was already flavorful but the drizzle of clam butter sauce made it irresistible. But the main thing was hiding under the sea bass, which was the soy noodles. They were amazing to the core, with finely cut asparagus doing a cameo adding a crunch. Next was Wild Forest Mushroom and Truffle Risotto. Even though I am not a big fan of Risotto or truffles, this one just made me one! It had just a hint of truffle while mushrooms were maybe used as a sauce, since there weren’t any pieces. Again asparagus made the whole thing so much better.

Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil BangaSilver Beach Cafe Review Sahil Banga

To end the night, we had the Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding. Decadent to another level, it was sweet while the crème anglaise was subtle. Pecan nuts were an added advantage to an already awesome dessert. Silver Beach Cafe Review Sahil Banga

Silver Beach Cafe is poised to be one of the best in the city, I reckon. Try…you must!