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From the moment you enter the Knightsbridge Cafe, you know that you are going to have a good time! All because of its awesome architecture and interiors. It looks like a resort from outside, with a plenty of al fresco seating over two levels, as well as a basic yet elegant indoor seating option.
The menu is pretty simple, no foodie jargons or superlatives to distract. After ordering the breakfast meal, I settled down on my too-comfortable-to-leave chair and basked in the coziness of the eatery. My reverie was interrupted by their staff who brought the food earlier than I expected. Must say, they are prompt and courteous (they offer complimentary macaroons too after the supper!).
Forget the views, ambience or décor, the real winner at Knightsbridge Café is the food. My breakfast served in a very presentable format on a tray already looked appetizing. The Salmon Omelette was cooked well, nothing fancy or too heavy, with the right amount of salmon. The baked beans were home-made style and tasted good, nobody wouldn’t mind another serving of the same. The cherry tomatoes on the side were tossed in olive oil and herbs, ultimately made flavorsome by such simplistic touch.
What stood out in this plethora of awesomeness were the hash browns! So crisp, perfectly fried and had the woody flavor to offset the bland flavor of potato. I would say their hash browns are the best I have ever tried. Also notable is the Turkey Sausage, which didn’t seem the industrial variety, packed quite a punch.
The Veg. Sandwich was another surprise for the day, oozing with freshness & crunchiness bursting with flavors from the veggies.
The penne arrabiata could be easily summarized as simple. And simplicity has depth. It’s not easy to dish out something simple which is delightful too. In fact, simplicity is what makes Knightsbridge Café stand out from the rest. In short, it’s a must-visit for a laid-back weekend.