In your every breath, there was a life for me.

In your every smile, there was a world for me.

A rainy day. We two cuddled together. Rain spattering on the roof. Skies dark. It’s lightening. We two are unperturbed. Nothing matters to us. We are lost in our own world. A world that is experiencing many an intimate moments. A world that is going to be a cherished memory. It’s cold, and we’re breathing hot. It’s wet, and we are soaked, in our own passion.

The night is ripe. The love between us is ripe. We are consumed by love. Wasted. Consumed. Wasted. Consumed. We are heading towards neverland. We are discovering our own world. Paradise. Neverland. Paradise. Amazing that we two don’t seem to care about the world. About the thatched roof that’s leaking. A storm that’s growing. A noise that’s preceding our whispers. We two are furious. We two are raging. We two are barbaric. The love is not innocent anymore.

The pent up desires direct the mind. The heart is a slave to the mind. Mind is hearing the heartbeats, loud, thumping. Heart is where the mind is. Mind is where the heart is. So is our union. We are the mind and the heart. We are the logic and the madness. The wild side of logic, and pure side of madness. And we cross the threshold. Of unison. Togetherness. Oneness. We smell the same. We taste the same. We feel the same. We are not two beings anymore. We’re one. We’re the same.

We put our collective thoughts together and bask in our own ecstasy. The skies turn reddish purple. The rain is reduced to a mere sonata. The leaking roof shows twilight. We are cuddled together. Two bodies entwined into one. Content. Satiated. With the outside world. No more prayers. No more grievances. No more hopes. We are one, finally. The world is the best place to live.